In a unique collaboration between science and theatre CeeNano together with Sagohuset arrange theme days with theatre and workshops designed for high school students. The workshops give the students insight to how we can see nanomaterial despite their small size. They also show how plastics can break down to smaller pieces and how nanoplastics interact with biology and effect the aquatic wild life. The workshops are developed in collaboration with Sagohuset.

The event consists of three parts for the students. The day begins with a lecture / theater by actor Torbjörn Lindberg from the theater Sagohuset, the half-hour-long performance aims to spark interest and thoughts for the students and make them understand that one can not always know what is right and wrong. After that, it is a workshop that mainly focuses on nanoplastics and what can happen to them in nature, here the students get to experiment and find out the answers themselves.

The day then ends with a discussion / lecture to tie the day together and give students room to ask questions and dispute what is actually true. The main purpose of the day is to not increase the students’ climate anxiety, but to give them the tools to assess what is important for themselves and to question information and opinions from different angles.

Over 1000 people from north to south in Sweden have been able to participate so far as we aim to reach as many as possible with a focus on places far away from the large universities.

If you are interested in the workshops please contact us!

We want to give a special thank you to Formas for sponsoring this outreach project.

12 High school students 12-16/3-18 Lund University
215 High school students16-27/10-17Lund University
52High school students4/11-19Klippan
30 9th graders5/11-19Lund
23High school students6/11-19Hässleholm
68 High school students7/11-19Helsingborg
55 High school students12/11-19Höganäs
559th graders13/11-19Landskrona
259th graders14/11-19Malmö
30 8th graders15/11-19Lund
28 participants from the university18/11-19Lund
26High school students19/11-19Helsingborg
38High school students20/11-19Svedala
60High school students21/11-19Ystad
60Mixed27/11-19Lund, Sagohuset
30Mixed28/1-20Stockholm, Mistra
60High school students29/1-20Eskilstuna
25High school students30/1-20Enköping
55High school students31/1-20Bålsta
20High school students4/2-20Arvidsjaur
20High school students5/2-20Jokkmokk
30High school students6/2-20Kiruna
47High school students11/2-20Kramfors
46High school students12/2-20Härnösand
58High school students13/2-20Sundsvall

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